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By Alice, May 12 2015 01:00PM

We are very excited to be able to offer a range of Dribblin' Bibs from our friends in South Africa. They have a fabulous range of funky fun dribble bibs which are not available for sale in the UK apart from through us. Snap them up whilst stocks last!

By Alice, May 20 2013 01:39PM

Last Friday we had a stall at the May Fayre at York House, Twickenham. Gilbert Giggles and Tempo Tots joined forces and put on a few hilarious concerts and we sold our wears. Thanks to Sofie at Nappy Valley for organising. At the stall we sold our BabyBud Breastfeeding Covers and also introduced some new products... Personalised T shirts (as modelled below by our beuatiful daughters!), laundry and toy bags and baby gift sets. If you are interested in any of these products do drop us a line as are very happy to make them to order.

Our next fayre is the Surrey Baby Expo on November 24th...we may do some others over the summer so watch this space!

By Alice, May 9 2013 09:24AM

Over Easter we had a lovely holiday with my husband's side of the family. It is so handy breastfeeding on holiday as you do not have to worry about sterilsing or heating up bottles, plus it is one less thing to pack! My beach bag should be a suitcase I take so much stuff! The BabyBud came in handy, as you can see from the pictures, on the beach, at the zoo and at the dinner table.

Sebastian is coming up to six months now so am starting to wean. He did not like taking food from a spoon at first, so I tried the 'baby led weaning' approach on holiday. My sister in law had followed it and said it was great. I was nervous about the choking aspect, but apparently babies have a fantastic gag reflex so rarely choke. So, on holiday I went with it, and he really enjoyed playing with the food and trying to pick up massive sticks of cucumber or tomato or whatever I was eating. By the end of the week took some food from a spoon too. Whoo hoo...

It is a long messy procedure though...much of the day seems to be feeding and cleaning up!

By Alice, Mar 20 2013 01:44PM

My husband and I recently went on a skiing weekend with friends. We left the older two behind with grandparents and just took Seb! How relaxing!! We stayed in our friends gorgeous chalet in Chamonix and I managed to tumble down the mountains (not been skiing since I was 15!) I loved it though!!

Anyway, here is a pic of me on the plane with Seb hiding under my BabyBud. He fed and then slept, so fortunately everyone around could get some kip :)

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